Nobody said it was easy.

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"Someday you won’t remember this pain you thought would last forever and ever."

—Taylor Swift (via sagarobsten)

Saoirse Ronan: How I Live Now Portraits at TIFF

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The painting is unsigned, and had been previously been dismissed by the Van Gogh Museum in the 1990s. With the development of improved investigative techniques a two-year investigation was launched to determine the painting’s authenticity, eventually determining it as a true Van Gogh in September 2013. It was discovered that the painting was described in a letter to Theo, stating he had painted it the previous day, 4 July 1888.

It is the first full-size painting by Van Gogh to be discovered since 1928.


Melanie LaurentInStyle US - June 2013.

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I’m calling that school. I’m calling them and I’ll personally go down there, and I’m gonna pistol whip these little bastards!

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Happy 24rd Birthday Katerina Graham! (September 05th, 1989)

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IF YOU FUCKING THINK that I can’t balance 6 CLASSES, EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES, CLUBS, A SOCIAL LIFE & SLEEP THEN YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY right because i have a mental breakdown literally every day

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working hard

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